Quantity [pcs]:
Medical device in the form of nasal spray (Package content 30 ml)


- Lactobacillus acidophilus metabiotics (Narine-F),
- Eucalyptus oil.

Application: Nazo aerosol is intended for use by adults as a medical device to significantly improve comfort of life for people suffering from laryngological ailments such as: irritation or dryness of the nasal mucosa (caused e.g. by dry or polluted air, cold or allergic rhinitis) and as supportive therapy in case of taking medicines reducing congestion of the nasal mucosa. The product is designed to regenerate the disrupted natural protective barrier which is the mucous membrane.

Method of use: Hold the bottle upright, spray into nasal orifices by pressing the pump. Use 1 application into each nasal opening 3-5 times daily.

Contraindications: Allergy to any of the product ingredients. Product intended for adults.

Undesired effects: none if used as directed.

Best before: expiration date and batch number on the package. Expiration date is 1 year after manufacture date.
Do not use after the expiration date.

Store in a cool place at a temperature not exceeding + 10 °C out of the reach of small children. May be stored at room temperature for transport.

30 ml bottle with tight cap, pump and spray.