Sourdough thermometer NARUM -50°C to +300°CSourdough thermometer NARUM -50°C to +300°C
Sourdough thermometer NARUM -50°C to +300°C
Sourdough thermometer NARUM -50°C to +300°C
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Sourdough thermometer Termic Narum

Food thermometer:
Electronic and very precise pin with LCD display, perfect for catering. Packaged in a plastic tube, which protects the sourdough thermometer from mechanical damage, and from injury spike. Ideal for measuring the temperature of meats, dishes, cakes, liquids, etc.

Technical data:
- probe made of stainless steel - 147mm,
- displays stored min and max measurement results,
- temperature range: -50°C to +300°C (-58°F to 572°F),
- accuracy of reading: 1 decimal place.

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