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Matsun yoghurt - a sourdough starter for making yoghurt at home

One pack contains 5 units of dry ferment to prepare five servings of yoghurt from 1 litre of milk each.

It is a milk product fermented by Lactobacterium mazuni "Karine" Str.2

As a result of the lactic acid fermentation process, milk proteins are broken down into smaller chains, so the product is absorbed by the body better than milk.

Matsun yoghurt is an Armenian traditional product used to make many dishes, such as pancakes, dumpling dough, sauces, soups, desserts, drinks or breads.

Method of preparation:

1. Clean utensils are an important prerequisite for preparing a quality product. All dishes for preparing yoghurt should be scalded in hot water or in the oven.
2. Boil 1L of milk for a few minutes and cool to 38-42°C.
3. Dissolve the content of one sachet in 50 ml of warm water or milk (34-35°C) and add to the remaining milk. Stir well.
4. Pour into containers to mature: 
4.1 Use a yogurt maker. Pour the finished product into yogurt containers and leave on for 5-12 hours. After this time, turn out the yogurt jars and put them in the refrigerator. The product will be ready after cooling
4.2 Place the mixture of milk and starter in a glass jar (1 litre) and ensure a constant temperature of 38-42°C (wrapped in a towel, blanket, etc.). The residence time is 6-12 hours. After this time, put the glass jar in the refrigerator. The product will be ready after cooling.

Note the product is afraid of overheating above 42 C, pay attention to the heating temperature of the yogurt maker.

Storage conditions:
Sourdough should be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature not higher than + 8°C.
Packaging technology and special production process guarantee preservation of probiotic bacteria viability and their appropriate dose during transport outside cooling conditions.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Net weight: 5g

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